WHY Wireless Online iMaid System?

Wireless Online iMaid System is made specially to make up disadvantages of standalone lock and realize
hotel wireless online lock function, to check real room status such as if guest is inside room? how much
time he or she stays in room? DND functioning? CLEAN asked?

★ No wires between out-room panel and in-room panel
There is no wiring required between outdoor panel and indoor panel, hotel doesn't need to open new holes for wiring from inside to outside, save labor cost and time, it makes things easier.

★ To get fast response from guest if DND or CLEAN is requested
Housekeeper or maid doesn't need to go to each room to check DND, CLEAN requests, he or she can get requests from reception desk or by phone via APP.

★ To check if guest is in room or out and how much time he stays
Housekeeper or management can see room status easily on software or by mobile.

★ To refresh guests' mind and give good image to hotels
This system makes guests more comfortable and feel at home to enjoy easier life which intelligent technology brings.

★ To check real room status online at any time, anywhere
Management will be more rigorous and smooth, accounting will be easier under control.

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